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Should I buy a mare?

Every horse owner you talk with will have their own opinion. I will share 3 points of why you should consider buying a mare and some things to consider as well.

  1. They are smart. In general when I work with horses mares seem to be more intuitive and sensitive. This is not always the case but generally speaking. That being said, it takes a special mare to be someone's first horse. Mares are smart, but they can use that to figure out the lazy way of doing things.

  2. Mares can be bred. One of the benefits of a mare is that they can be bred if they need time off from an injury. If the mare is extremely special to you and you would want an offspring because the foal may have characteristics of the mare.

  3. NO sheath cleaning! When you own a gelding they can get a build up of dirt in their sheath. When the dirt accumulates it can cause soreness and you have to clean their private areas. Mares do not have this problem.

In my barn I have a couple of very special mares that have a heart of gold. My mare Minnie, she is my right hand. She gives riding lessons daily and always brings patience and kindness to her riders. She is willing to help novice riders figure out what riding is all about. Minnie has smooth gaits and softness in the face. My other mare peaches, she is my Swiss Army knife. Peaches can head, heel, and breakaway, she can do youth rodeo events, and still babysit beginner riders for lessons.


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